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Regular Flu Vaccine     Intradermal Flu Vaccine  High Dose Flu Vaccine

Flu Mist Vaccine           Pneumococcal                Tetanus Diptheria Pertussis

Hepatitis A                    Hepatitis B                      Meningococcal

Varicella                        Zostavax                     

Vaccine Consents:     Who Should Have These Vaccines

Flu Vaccine Consent                  6 Months and Up, Boost Every Year

Flu Mist Consent                        2 Years to 49, Boost Every Year

Hep A Consent                           1 Year and Up,  2 shots,  Good for Life

Hep B Consent                           1 Day and Up,  3 shots, Good for Life

Meningococcal Consent             2 Mos to 55 Years,  Boost Every 5 Years

Pneumonia Consent                    2 Years to 100,  Plus 50 for Travellers

Tetanus Diptheria Pertussis Consent    10 to 64,  Boost Every 5-10 Years

Varicella Consent                      1 and Up,  Booster Varies

Zostavax Consent                      50 and Up,  Good For Life

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