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Our On-Site Immunization Staff

North Texas Flu Shots was founded in 2009 to provide the most professional on-site immunization services available.   It is the on-site vaccination affiliate of Passport Health which has operates 5 immunization clinics in the Dallas area and has been in the DFW area for 10 years.   Passport Health has over 200 locations nationally.  North Texas Flu Shots primarily provides on-site flu shots, flu mist and other immunizations to all size organizations throughout Texas.   Our nurses are the best at giving shots.   Our customers see the difference and never want anyone else to do their clinics.  

We use the most expensive needles that are a smaller gauge to minimize the pain  impact to the patient.  Most patients barely feel the flu shot.  We also offer flu mist to those that absolutely do not like needles if they may have flu mist.  

The nurses and office staff at North Texas Flu Shots are highly-trained in all aspects of vaccines  and are exceptionally friendly.   Our pleasant nurses will do everything possible to ease your fears.   Our nurses put patient education first.


Stephanie Han, MD

Dr. Stephanie Han, our Medical Director, is certified by the American Board of Radiology.  She earned her medical degree from State University of New York and completed her residency at the Yale-New Haven Hospital.  Dr. Han has authored and co-authored numerous articles in peer reviewed journals.   


Gillian McKnight-Dawson, RN

Gillian Dawson has been a registered Nurse for more than 15 years and has spent the last 5 years operating 5 vaccination clinics in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  She oversees all of the nurses who conduct immunization clinics and attends many of them. 

Leeta-Jane Dryja, RN

Leeta-Jane Dryja has been a registered Nurse for more than 25 years and has worked as a Nurse Manager for Passport Health and  North Texas Flu Shots for 4 years.   Lee trains many of the nurses who conduct on-site immunization clinics.

Linda Caldwell, RN

Linda Caldwell has been a Registered Nurse for more than 15 years.
She has been counseling patients on vaccinations for more than 3 years.  She also trains registered nurses on how to provide flu shots.

 Charlotte Coyne, RN

Charlotte Coyne has been a Registered Nurse for more than 20 years.
She has been counseling patients on vaccinations and administering shots for more than 6 years.  She also trains newer nurses on how to provide vaccinations.

North Texas Flu shots accepts Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield
insurance plans.

No need to worry...North Texas Flu Shots is here to help!

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